Biological and Encapsulation

BIOLOGICAL PROCESS(The consumption of organics from the outside in.)

The use of Biostimulants and bacteria for a drain maintenance and interceptor program will provide organic reduction throughout the drain system and grease interceptor. This process will slowly consume the buildup of organics in the drain lines over a three to four month period. This of course is depending on much grease and organics are coating the drain lines. It can be anywhere from ¼" to 3" thickness. Since the grease tends to stick to its self and to the walls of the drain lines, the reduction will be more difficult and time consuming for the bacteria present. Once these organics arrive at the grease interceptor the bioremediation process continues and the organics are further reduced. The odors from the drain lines and interceptor will also be reduced by changing the biology of the interceptor from being septic to more aerobic conditions which mean fewer odors produced.

ENCAPSULATION PROCESS(The consumption of organics from the inside out)

Our Encapsulation Technology is a process where encapsulation actually encompasses the organics in a biodegradable shield. Once the organics are contained, they no longer have the ability to stick to each other or to the walls of the drain lines or, most importantly, to the walls of the grease interceptor. This means that the organics are free to move all the way to the interceptor where they can now be consumed by the indigenous bacteria and reduce the amount of the grease build-up in the interceptor.

This program is an excellent program where there are significant odors and organic buildup in the grease interceptors. It is also excellent for use in drain lines where a history of blockages or back-ups. The initial amount of grease in the interceptor will be increased since the encapsulation process is essentially cleaning the sidewalls of the drain lines. The odors which are normally present will also be reduced due to the nature of encapsulation. The gasses as well as the organics will be encompassed in a biodegradable shield, rendering the odors harmless.

Our Encapsulation Technology does not use enzymes or emulsifiers. When the encapsulated organics reach the grease interceptor, they float to the top.