Summary of Programs Offered by MESSCO-USA, INC.

MESSCO-USA, INC. provides a turnkey Drain & Interceptor Maintenance Program where we address issues with F.O.G’s and organics throughout all primary and secondary drain lines and grease interceptors to control grease build-up, insect infestations, odors and drain back-ups at restaurants, kitchens, bars, and food service areas.

We utilize Encapsulation Technology and have worked closely with chemists to develop our products and program specifically for drains and interceptors. Our products DO NOT contain free enzymes or emulsifiers. These are strictly prohibited in Clark County Regulations and Resolutions and other municipalities.

Emergency services within this program will not incur any additional charges and we strive to make ourselves available 24 hours per day.

We provide all dispensing equipment, materials, products and labor for the daily dispensing of non-hazardous, non-toxic encapsulation products into all primary and secondary drain lines and all floor drains. All floor drains and drink dispensers are treated either weekly or bi-monthly, depending on the environment that is present.

Grease Interceptors are serviced and inspected either weekly or bi-monthly to ensure efficient operation and to confirm its’ proper operation.

Grease Interceptors are pumped and/or skimmed by MESSCO-USA, INC. and are included in our monthly service cost. We pump grease collected in interceptors on average every 90 days.

Sidewalls of manhole ports down to the grease interceptors are power-washed periodically to remove any buildup.

We provide water sampling (pH, temperature, sulfides) services as necessary.

We maintain a Customer Service Book that contains all service reports and logs.