EnCap Plus
                                                                                                                                                                 Drain Maintenance Program
                                                                                           Information Sheet

EnCap Plus is a unique wetting agent with a proprietary bio-stimulant package and microbes.

The EnCap Plus chemistry contains no emulsifiers or free enzymes and meets stringent municipal effluent discharge requirements for waste water. 

EnCap Plus will cut and release attached grease while stimulating indigenous (often lethargic) bacteria to perform at peak efficiency.  Stabilized (water activated) grease

consuming microbes have been added to the EnCap Plus  drain formulation to accelerate performance in hostile microbial environments. 

The primary component of EnCap Plus is listed on the *EPA National Contingency Plan as a wetting agent and is safely used in sensitive environments such as beaches and marshlands (no harm to vegetation).  It is also well documented as a bio-remediation tool. 

                                                                                                                                                           How does EnCap Plus technology differ?

 (1)      EnCap Plus breaks up contaminates by means of micro-fractionalizing (cuts fat, oil, and grease into tiny pieces).  Note:  Typical cleaning and 

            biological products utilize surfactants or enzymes that will emulsify fat - oil grease (liquefying and  making it difficult to remove from water).

 (2)    Once EnCap Plus fractionalizes the oil, EnCap Plus will encapsulate it with an all-natural plant extract.

    This unique encapsulation process provides a desirable food source for indigenous (existing) bacteria and de-tackifies targeted fats, oil, and grease so they

          will not re-stick to surfaces.
                                                                                       What are the primary applications?

*Maintaining efficient drain lines in commercial kitchens where heavy grease is an issue                 *Treatment of beer tap, soda and ice machine drain lines      

*Removing the food source for drain and fruit flies to eliminate nuisances                                          *Shower - urinal - and bathroom complete drain maintenance
*Odor control for dumpster sites, greasy backdoor areas and grease recycle bins

(not an EPA endorsement)