1.) Untreated Organic Material            2.) EnCap    Plus Application:                                           3.)  Encapsulated/Treated Organic Molecules
 ranging from oil and grease to           This technology consists of a unique formulation      Treated organic particles become much easier 

animal fats, food waste, sewage,         of natural extracts of plants (essential oils                 for naturally occurring or added microbes

soil/grime, sludge's etc...                      and similar) which act to break surface tension         to digest. Depending on the application scenario,

                                                                between large often hard to biodegrade                      contaminants such as oil grease and can

                                                                molecules. With surface tension broken,                     be removed using manual (wipe/rinse) or

                                                                EnCap   Plus works to micro-fractionalize the               mechanical cleaning techniques (oil/water

                                                                molecules and form a tight negatively charged           separation) or they may be left to degrade in the

                                                                micelles. These micelles not only allow oils and           in the environment as EnCap   Plus acts to speed

                                                                and greases to float on the surface of water for         biodegradation of the organic contaminants into

                                                                easy recovery but also repel each other preventing    non-odorous inert substances such as

                                                                coalescence and re-adherence. Powerful builders       CO  and H O.

                                                                in the formula bond with free calcium (concrete,

                                                                hard water, urine) further reducing saponification

                                                                and system blockage.


*Use wherever fats, oils, and grease (FOG’s) are an issue.  

*Drains, Lift stations/Separators 

*Hard surfaces (counters, appliances, tile floors, etc...)                  

*Cuts oil and grease into tiny pieces rather than emulsifying with surfactants.

*New technology complexes with free calcium and inhibits saponification and grease buildup.

*Meets city effluent discharge requirements. 

*De-tackifies oil from surfaces so that it cannot re-adhere

*Biological recovery from disinfectants and pH swings is accelerated due to nutrient rich extracts now surrounding the food source.

*Encapsulated grease becomes a more attractive food source for existing bacteria (like candy to a child).

*Grease problems are history.  


How Our Micro-Encapsulation Technology  Works






Chemical Application.