MPC PLUS:Multi-purpose cleaner for light duty cleaning for above floor, glass, and stainless steel.  

Glass should be cleaned with microfiber cloth to prevent streaking.

SURFACE MEDIC: Heavy duty cleaner for bathrooms, showers, and hard to reach areas. Contains PreventX 24/7 for the best possible antimicrobial barrier treatment.

PreventX 24/7  : Is a EPA and FDA registered antimicrobial technology to prevent mold, mildew, and bacterial growth on any surfaces including "Food Contact" which it is applied. Does an excellent job in controlling odors by destroying odor causing bacteria on any surface which it is applied.


CAL-SOLV Urinal block: This urinal block and screen prevents the build-up of calcium (uric salt) in the urinals and drains coming from the bathrooms. Aids in the control of odors coming from the urinals too.


ENCAP DRAIN PROGRAM: All floor drains, sink drains, and soda dispenser drains should be treated to prevent odors and insect infestation. Removing their food source (organics/debris) will aid in prevention.