MESSCO-USA, INC. Service List

We provide many different services to our Clients, the following summarizes a majority of these services:
 Grease interceptor service, inspection, maintenance and odor control
 Grease interceptor pumping
 Media inserts for interceptors to capture escaping gases
 Kitchen/Restaurant main and secondary drain line grease and odor control
 Drain line maintenance using our Encap Technology
 Gravity main sewer line and force main odor control
 Grease lift station grease and odor control
 Sewage lift station odor control
 Power-washing of exterior surfaces with excessive grease and oil (docks, etc.)
 Manhole odor control
 Odor logging at manholes, lift stations and grease interceptors
 Camera inspection of gravity sewers, drain lines and grease interceptors
 Odor control of recycling docks and trash bins
 Inspection and monitoring services
 Reporting all services provided in accordance with Clark County (NV) or local utility district requirements.

We utilize encapsulation technology which do not contain free enzymes or emulsifiers.
Each facility or site requires different levels of control where a combination of our different services will be required. After completion of a thorough site survey and discussion with you, we will develop a site specific program for your property.
Product data will be provided upon request.