What exactly is SURFACE MEDIC with PreventX 24/7    Antimicrobial Barrier?

SURFACE MEDIC is a highly concentrated cleaner and surface protector. SURFACE MEDIC was designed to meet the needs of industries to clean and protect surfaces

(in one process) from contaminates and deterioration caused by odor producing bacteria, mold, and mildew. The cleaning agents in SURFACE MEDIC are near pH neutral

yet aggressive enough to handle the toughest industrial jobs (i.e. showers & floors).

The PreventX 24/7    Antimicrobial Barrier imparts a durable, invisible shield. This non-toxic invisible shield is resistant to microbial odor development, mold, and mildew.

The power of PreventX 24/7  Antimicrobial Barrier reduces valuable time and labor for frequent cleaning tasks and can extend the useful life of treated articles (i.e. grout).

What are the applications for SURFACE MEDIC with PreventX 24/7    Antimicrobial Barrier?

SURFACE MEDIC goes far beyond the uses of ordinary cleaners and can be used on any surface unaffected by water. SURFACE MEDIC is part of a system providing a healthy

workplace and extensively used in shower programs across the USA. Virtually any “touch point” or areas affected by odor causing bacteria, mold or mildew should be cleaned

with SURFACE MEDIC. It is important to note that since SURFACE MEDIC will meet so many challenges; multiple SKU’s may be reduced by implementing SURFACE MEDIC.

How does SURFACE MEDIC work?

Most cleaners that work well usually have a high or low ph. This means that the cleaner “gets hot” in order to breakdown contaminates. This phenomenon creates training

issues and can in some cases destroy property. SURFACE MEDIC utilizes new technology that cleans as well or better as these potentially hazardous cleaners but utilizes

a green and neutral delivery.

The non-toxic invisible shield is created with a safe and proven antimicrobial technology that dates back nearly 30 years with no reported incidences. Every time surfaces

are cleaned with SURFACE MEDIC a small amount of PreventX 24/7     is left behind. When this dries thousand of electrically charged microscopic needles are implanted on

the surface. When odor causing bacteria, mold, or mildew approaches the invisible shield; the intruders are shocked and physically punctured (as opposed to being poisoned).

Therefore we can say that our cured invisible shield is non-toxic.

Furthermore, SURFACE MEDICS’ invisible shield will make previously cleaned surfaces resistant to rapid build-up of soap scum and grime for future easier cleanings.

Odors, mold, and mildew are significantly reduced, and microorganisms will be prevented from damaging property.










​​​SURFACE MEDIC multi-purpose with PreventX 24/7    Antimicrobial Barrier